What is persevered moss?  Persevered moss is natural moss that is no longer alive and has been carefully preserved for decorative purposes through an eco-friendly process!
Why persevered moss rather than living moss?  Preserved ensures the longevity of the artwork as it requires zero maintenance or waterings. After installation you don't have to worry, just simply enjoy your design. 
Is it messy?  During consultation, we inform clients the moss does has the ability to shed IF it is handle roughly, or touched or picked at consistently, or in reach of little hands. We encourage and take account of this while discussing placement and we offer “please do not touch” signage as well to help ensure the longevity of your piece. 
How long will the process take?  This all depends on size and design and will be discussed during consultation. 
Why indoor only?  When exposed, in long durations of direct sunlight, overtime the beautiful colors will begin to fade as they slowly get sun bleached. For maximizing the life and stability of your piece, we only agree to indoor based design.