welcome to the wonderful world of plants ⸙

My name is Melissa and I am the proud owner of Plants By Yours Truly. PBYT started with my fascination of plants in 2019. Caring for plants has truly improved my overall state of being, so I decided to share this with others, queue PBYT!

Being a Plant Mom helped me cope with anxiety disorder and other stresses I never thought I could conquer on my own. This is what our brand is really all about. Advocating for positive mental health.

Our mission is to reach the community and assist others in experiencing the peace and calmness that comes with being surrounded by beautiful greenery. One thing I look forward to on a daily basis is putting a smile on my customer’s face, and educating them on the wonderful world of plants!!!

we love what we do

We offer a variety of services including plant care, interior plant design, plant design for events and moss installations.