Perhaps plants aren’t your thing, but you still want that lively aesthetic, moss art is for you. We offer custom moss design and installations to add that unique plant element to your space without the upkeep and maintenance of living plants. These moss pieces allow you to green-ify without adding additional stress, tasks, or maintenance to your routine.

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    Want to elevate your space with plants but don't know where to start? We provide clients with plants that work best for their space and lighting. This can range anywhere between low maintenance to high maintenance plants and includes a customary care-sheet for further maintenance and upkeep, as well as watering services.


    Hosting a memorable event? Let us add the plant decor and greenery! Whether its a wedding, a grand opening, photoshoot, or birthday party we'd love to spruce up your special day.


    Available for local Huntington Beach residents and businesses. This service offers assistance in maintaining any and all plants and greenery. We come to you, with all the necessary supplies to ensure proper upkeep and quality of your plants.

  • PBYT Retail shop

    Need a last minute present or a new plant? Come visit our retail location at 714 E Adams Ave Huntington Beach, CA 92648. This location is shared with a refill shop, Fill Up Buttercup, which carries refillable home and personal care products.